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It all starts with a faith


The one.

Sounds filmy!!


But I do believe in it.

Fairy tales exists.

True romance exists.

Your prince charming exists.

‘THE ONE’ for you exists.

I have been heart broken.

Ditched, lied, betrayed.

But never lost faith.


I knew they are not the one.

I have not met the person made for me yet.


I do believe that I will someday.

I refuse to settle and ready to wait till eternity.

When soulmates meet…………

It just clicks. It doesn’t take time to recognize the one as they are part of your life and soul.

And when souls unite, magic happens.

You keep looking into their eyes to figure out what is it. What is that spark and attraction that you felt.

You love their company. This is a union of mind, heart, soul and the body.

You are a whole, he is a whole and when you guys are together miracle do happen.


Great love stories are written. <3