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REBORN: Healthier & Stronger than ever

ME to MY BODY(In my late twenties):

Wake up wake up,
Please wake up.

Sorry, I used you for my happiness
And completely ignored your comfort.

Wake up,
Please don’t give up.
I beg you, please get up.

Trust me,
I won’t hurt you.
I won’t let you suffer.

This time,
I am gonna sweep you off your feet.
I will pamper you like baby.
Train you like a teenage.
And nourish you like an adult.

Yes, I did take you for granted.
And you gave me all that I wanted.
You were there through all the ups and down.
Being my support system throughout the rough patches.

You never let me down.
And, each time I used, abused you
You recovered like a HERO.

Now it’s my time to return
And I promise, you gonna be REBORN.