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My system(Mind/body/soul), doesn’t give a damn about anything that others think or say about me.

So, if you think I am good-> good for you 😉

If you think I am bad-> good for you 😉

I don't expect people to be very nice to me.

If they are, then great.

If they aren't, I am not surprised.

"Least bothered"

I am somebody who loves to be blunt and direct. I see and say things as it is.


if you try to play mind games and that pinches my mental stability once even for a second,
be ready to experience and learn a whole new level of diplomacy that might blow you away.

"If being headstrong and independent is a crime, be a proud criminal"

"Pay close attention. People reveal their real self accidentally."

To the ones who always try to put you down->

"Wait and watch & tell me how it was  "

They asked me, "Why are you still single? and what you want from your 'THE ONE'."

"Their heart, each heartbeat and bare soul", I said.

[Does that sound scary!!! Now you know ;) ]