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Journey to the land of colors


That day,
she saw the rainbow.
So beautiful, captivating.

She kept thinking, how awesome it would be,
if she can fill herself with colors.

Then one day,
she found the source
within her!

When dancing to the beats,
painted her soul.
She found a way to add tint to her life,
Just like the rainbow.


Life had different plans.

Before she could explore the charm;
It was taken,
Snatched from her.

Leaving her soul all black and white.
She couldn’t fight…


She could see the color,
everywhere around her.

when she looked inside it was all faded.
And the irony was,
she couldn’t even borrow it.

“You either own it
Or just lose it.”, fate whispered
with a sarcastic smile.

4.A fighter soul

She some how managed to light a candle of hope.
That fighter soul,
waited patiently for the right moment to come.

14 years……..

Finally, she saw some light at the end of the tunnel.
She started walking towards it.

every time she is near,
It disappears.

5.She belongs to it

It’s not easy.
She never expected it to be easy.
Each day she tries proving
to the universe, that she deserves.

She begs,
“Don’t take it away.
Not because it belongs to me.
But, I belong to it.”

This is what her soul craves for.

6.Own it or lose it

Those words,
still echoes in her head;
“Own it or just lose it”.

She can’t let it disappear.
It’s terrifying to see your soul losing color.
She keeps adding,
whatever she has left with.

She keeps knocking each and every door
that could lead her the way.

And she knows!!
One day,

the universe will acknowledge
her stubborn heart.

Someday she gonna paint herself,
her life with all those vibrant colors.
Someday even the rainbow will look faded
in compare to the charm of her soul.

And that day
she will replay back,
"Dear fate, I own it and you know what I dare to own it forever”.