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wanna live.

We wanna live our life to the fullest,

We wanna work for it,
go there and get it,
live our dream,
work on our passion,
 and be happy.


We are not there yet!
what went wrong?
what's bothering us?
what's the confusion, doubt,
blocking us from getting what we want!

Well, that's our best friend,
it's there with us always.
Always ready to give us a second opinion on our choices.

It's the 'FEAR'.

We never realized when it became such a vital part of our life
and since when we let it take our decisions.
Most of our choices are made out of fear.

You know what
just go back and think;

All those unfulfilled desires.
all our regrets,
ignored hobbies,
all the stress,
sleepless nights,
are the result of FEAR!

Now there lies the toxicity.

Now tell me,
what are you afraid of!

Your future- that you have never seen.
Mistakes-which anyways gonna happen.
repeating past mistakes- well you have survived it once and came out stronger than ever!
Taking risks- Even if things are well planned, you never know the result.

To avoid these we restrict ourselves.
We are scared of responsibilities,
taking important decisions,
owning our life,
and hence
we are not there.

The wall of fear that we build to protect ourselves becomes the wall of imprisonment.
And how can you live your life when you are so scared of it!!!

And the solution,
is very simple but not easy though.

Let it go!
Unfriend your fear.
Reclaim your life.
Make choices that you really want in your life.

Let me tell you this,

letting go is the most blissful experience ever.
It allows you to fly higher and higher and higher.

Last but not least:
"Danger is very real. But fear is a choice."

                                   --Will Smith