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  • No matter how aware you are, trouble will find you. So, prepare yourself to stand still in any kind of storm at any phase of your life.


  • Intention matters. you can’t always be right or do right things in life. But, if your intention is pure; you will be saved.


  • To win/succeed, all you need to practice is ‘PATIENCE’.


  • Failure brings fulfillment and success. The more you fail, chances of your success increases. So if you dare to fail thousand times, be prepared to get a reward for lifetime.


  • Free yourself. Break the boundaries. Only then you can see the real beauty of life.


  • Never allow other’s assumption to affect your reality.


  • You are the only person who can get yourself out from any difficult situation. All the solutions lie within you. So before asking others, make sure that you have taken your own advice. It will make things a lot easier.


  • It really doesn't matter how other people see you. Try to look into your own eyes. If you can still feel proud of yourself, darling you are on right path.


  • Never regret for cutting negative people out of your life. Be courageous enough to shut the door right on their face.


  • No matter how good your bond is, it's gonna last for a certain time period. Not everybody is meant to be there with you forever. Once the time elapses, loose it. Let it be blur and vanish gradually. Dragging it, forcing it and fixing it gonna make it worse. So let it go, cut the chord and free yourself. It will be in favor for both of you.


  • Your experience can never stop others from going through painful life lessons. Everybody has to learn from their own experience and own mistakes. Sharing yours might make it easier for them to pass. But they have to appear the exam anyways. It's unavoidable.


  • Your intuition never lies. Intuition is the language of your soul. Sometimes our soul tries to speak to us when things are wrong and we choose to ignore just because we are scared of the truth. Listen to your intuition and connect with your soul. Because our soul just knows.


  • Never be ashamed of setting and preserving certain boundaries. Yes, it will limit your circle but trust me you will be surrounded by only genuine people.


  • Insecure people get intimidated. So when they call you intimidating, be the proud one.


  • Everybody has their own timezone. Don't be in a hurry, you might lose valuable moments.


  • Sometimes you have to be ruthless to save yourself and it's totally okay as long as your intentions are pure.


  • When you are with a person who is meant for you, you will know. You can feel them falling in love with you and it feels out of the world.


  • Being vulnerable doesn't make you weak. Only the strongest ones are capable of expressing because they are never scared to feel.


  • Moving on is an art, trust me. If you are capable of letting go of things that doesn't serve you anymore, know that you are blessed. But make sure to learn and grow before you let it go.


  • Observe people and know what they feel, from their action: [Trying to limit you-> they know you are better,Putting you down-> they know you are already above them,Trying to find flaws in you--> they know you rarely have,Being rude to you->they are already intimidated ;) ]. And the list goes on........................................... ;)


  • You don't need to fight for what you deserve. If you have worked for it, it will be brought to you by the universe. No one can really take the blessings away which are meant only for you.


  • Ever seen Karma getting back to humans!!

       It's scary and empowering at the same time.

      Well, it depends on which path you are.

      They say, it's not good to know everything. Certain things are meant to be hidden.

     But, what happens when you get access to those forbidden territory

     and a harsh truth is revealed to you.

     You learn to accept the reality

     and the fact that certain thing are unavoidable.

    You learn to mind your own Karma.

  • Smile,
    let the wrinkle show how adorable you are.

      Let the frown decide your life experience.

     Let the pores describe your hard-work.

    The dark circles narrates the brave nights you fought alone against the odds

   Your age tells the most adventurous years that you have spent in this world to survive.

   So embrace yourself as you grow and age gracefully. It's precious and irreplaceable