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After the bliss


1. She wonders:

Sometimes she wonders;


How you manage to love,

with all those hurt that you were offered to.


How do you trust,

Being around people who often back-stab you.


How you shine,

in the darkness that you have been through.

Yes, she does.

she does wonder,

How each time she became stronger.

Fearless and younger.

Hurt taught her how to love,

Unconditionally with all her heart.

Pain reminded, this ‘HURT’ never gonna last.

Fear told her,

Getup my lady, you gotta throw me out

And let the past be in past.

Then she realize her best buddy

was the worst phase!!

It showed her the harsh reality

and unfolded the thoughts that only she can gaze.

2. It Rained again:

And then,

It rained.

The rhythm,

It’s totally different!!

And she got new moves to show.

It rained

as if the universe bowed.

Bridged the distance between them

and vowed;

“Your struggles are not in vain.

I am sending you all the happiness in chain.”

3. Mad girl

Call her kid,

or call her mad.

But, she is a girl who can’t afford to be sad.

Never gave up on her dreams.

Never doubted her instincts.

Her thoughts are wild,

can’t be understood by mild.

She is intense;

Hence, should be handled with caution.

Else she might intimidate you with her passion.

While others got tired

and couldn’t keep pace with her,

here comes the DEVIL.

4. The Devil:


I call him devil.

Who dared to enter the forbidden territory!

Of her heart

and touched her soul.

Only a devil can love her madness,

kiss her scars.

She wanted her madness to be accepted,

but he enjoys that.

She wanted her intensity to be understood,

but he treasures that.

While she thought someone would calm her wildness,

he empowers that.

“And you know what!!

A mad girl deserves to be loved madly”, he said.

“And only a dare devil like you can do this”, she whispered. <3